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We're developers first and foremost and we love nothing more than turning stunning designs into into fully-functioning websites.

Redfibre was founded with the aim to provide quality web development services to the design community of Cornwall.

Cornwall boasts some excellent web design firms and we are proud to work with many of these. We offer technical development in a variety of web programming languages and have a wealth of experience in developing for a wide range of frameworks and CMS packages.

Lewis, our Technical Director, has over ten years experience in PHP development, SQL database design and Javascript programming. Having worked with a variety of frameworks and CMS packages, as well as many large custom built applications, Lewis heads our technical development operation.

Whether you require front end development in HTML and CSS to turn your website design into a reality, or a custom web database application written from scratch to suit the needs of your business, our web development services should be able to assist you.

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Clean, light and secure code should be a standard feature of all websites. Lewis Matthews, Technical Director

Ways we can help

We have a broad set of expertise in many areas of web development and can assist with your project whatever the scope:


Need a PSD turning into a working site? We can help!

We work with design agencies and individuals to turn web design PSDs into functional HTML/CSS. We develop using modern standards and pride ourselves in producing clean, well-written, unbloated HTML, CSS and JavaScript which meets current validation and accessibility standards.


Wordpress have all but become the standard in content management systems and offers a powerful, flexible and easy to use means of editing your site. We can help in a number of areas of developing sites for Wordpress which will ensure your site is built on a solid foundation and can evolve and grow as your needs change.

Custom Wordpress themes

If you already have a vision for your Wordpress site or want us to design a bespoke site for you, we can turn the design into a custom Wordpress theme giving you all the functionality of a Wordpress site to your own specific design specification.

Custom Wordpress plugins

If you need a specific piece of functionality adding to a Wordpress site we are able to help. We can develop custom Wordpress plugins to your specification adding the exact features you need for your site.


MODX offers a powerful and hugely customisable alternative CMS to Wordpress.

Less well-known than Wordpress but equally, if not more, powerful. MODX is a great alternative to Wordpress if you're looking for a heavily customised site with integrated applications.

eCommerce Sites

With the right eCommerce platform, your online shop can become the success you want it to be.

We have experience with a number of eCommerce platforms including Magento, Woocommerce, Zen Cart and osCommerce to create bespoke online shops with a range of features tailored to your needs.

Custom Web Applications

A custom web application might be the right choice for you if you're struggling to find an off-the-shelf solution which fits your needs.

If an off the shelf product does not fit your needs, we can look at creating custom software for you. We are highly experienced in PHP web development and have produced bespoke web applications for a number of clients in the past.

Standard Web Development Rates

Please find our standard web development rates below. If your project is large or out of the ordinary, we would be more than happy to put together a custom quotation.

Minimum Charge £25
Hourly rate (1 - 4 hours) £40
Hourly rate (4 - 7 hours) £35*
Hourly rate (7 - 8 hours) £30*
Over 8 hours Contact us for a quotation

All prices are exclusive of VAT

*Please note that discounts for multiple hours apply only to work which can be carried out in one time period. If further work is requested after a job has been completed, this will count as a new time period and discounts will not apply.

Need more information?

If you have a large project or would like to discuss these rates further, please get in touch.

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